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Paul Betenly

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Please add the color code from the picture to the "Additional comments" section in the shopping cart before checkout. (Example- Black Slim Fit is 8D0001). Ronaldo is trim fit and Thomas is classic fit.

Vantage Wool has been developed by Paul Betenly for use in the manufacturing of all its suits.This technological advancement creates suit fabric that are Water resistant, Stain Resistant, Natural Stretch and Nano Technology. This special fabric will give its wearers the ultimate in comfort and practicality.

The vertical operation takes us from fiber, fabric, and garment. To maintain the high quality standards of a Paul Betenly garment , all segments of production are carefully controlled.

 From lush grasslands used for sheep grazing, to hi tech yarn spinning and fabric weaving/finishing, to hand finished garments, all these components are carefully monitored to ensure our garments reflect the high quality standards established for Paul Betenly. Moreover, as a vertical textile/apparel company, we are very flexible and can address the needs of our customers in various ways.